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NATO Selects RTX-MBDA Joint Venture to Expand Patriot Missile Production in Europe

patriot gem-t missile

COMLOG, a joint venture between Raytheon and MBDA Germany, has received a potential $5.6 billion contract from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency to supply select European countries with the new Patriot GEM-T missiles.

Under the agreement, COMLOG will expand the production of GEM-T missiles, also known as Patriot Advanced Capability 2 missile interceptors, in Europe.

According to MBDA Deutschland Managing Director Thomas Gottschild, the NSPA contract supports the establishment of a facility in Germany for missile and subcomponent production and bolsters the ammunition supply chain in the region.

Awarded under the European Sky Shield Initiative, the contract includes the testing of updated components and the delivery of test equipment and spares to support sustainment efforts for the system, RTX said.

Through the project, NATO aims to manufacture up to 1,000 Patriot missiles and ship them to Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

Thomas Laliberty, president of Raytheon Land & Air Defense Systems, said the procurement promotes increased cooperation among the military alliance members.

“Raytheon and MBDA have partnered with NSPA, the United States Army and a broad network of suppliers across the region to offer our European partners a GEM-T program, which increases NATO’s air defense missile inventory, strengthens NATO deterrence and sustains the operational readiness of Patriot air defense systems across Europe,” he said in a statement.

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