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Lakshmi Raman Delivers Keynote for the POC’s 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit

Lakshmi Raman Delivers Keynote for the POC's 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit

Lakshmi Raman is the CIA’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, responsible for growing and knowledge-sharing of the agency’s AI/ML capabilities. In this role, she has been strengthening the federal sector’s science and technology portfolio since 2002. Her recent focus is on advancing the CIA’s artificial intelligence initiatives. 


Hear insights from Lakshmi Raman at the POC-hosted 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit. Learn more about her AI/ML insights, which have been pivotal to the government’s AI strategies. Become a member of the Potomac Officers Club today.


This article outlines Lakshmi Raman’s expertise, making her a distinguished professional in the artificial intelligence landscape.


Get to know Lakshmi Raman


Lakshmi Raman entered the federal service in 2002, joining the Central Intelligence Agency as a software developer. Her demonstrated excellence in various technology fields made her a trusted leader in the organization. Since November 2021, Ms. Raman has been the Director of Artificial Intelligence at the CIA.

Ms. Raman’s educational background includes


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (1991–1995)
  • Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Chicago (2001–2002)


Listing Lakshmi Raman’s CIA career


Lakshmi Raman’s contributions to the Central Intelligence Agency are deeply rooted in science and technology. She managed various capacities related to software development, large-scale data science, and intelligence integration. Throughout her tenure, Ms. Raman improved information-sharing systems between the CIA and the Intelligence Community.


Ms. Raman held these positions in her more than two decades of tenure in the CIA:


  • Applications Developer/ Team Lead (June 2002–December 2007)
  • Manager (January 2008–December 2019)
  • Deputy Chief of Data Science (January 2019–April 2020)
  • Chief of Data Science (April 2020–November 2021)
  • Director of Artificial Intelligence (November 2021–Present)


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Catch Lakshmi Raman, Closing Keynote at the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit



Lakshmi Raman is speaking as the closing keynote at the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit on March 21, 2024. She is an ideal speaker, leading the AI efforts of one of the world’s most important government intelligence agencies. Joining her in the roster of distinguished keynote speakers include


  • Dr. Kathleen Fisher, Director of the Information Innovation Office at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
  • Rachael Martin, Maven Office Director at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Dr. William Streilein, Chief Technology Officer for the Office of the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer at the Department of Defense


The 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit explores the exponentially growing AI sector and its applications in the federal landscape. It delves into the AI-enabled future through harnessing groundbreaking AI potential and innovation. Most importantly, the annual summit discusses the White House’s AI Executive Order issued in October 2023. 

Join the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit, hosted by the Potomac Officers Club. Discover the transformative power of AI in gathering the top federal ladders, experts, and decision-makers.


Lakshmi Raman’s human-focused AI solutions explore opportunities and adversaries


Photo by SuPatMaN/ Shutterstock


As the CIA’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, Lakshmi Raman plays a pivotal role in advancing AI/ML across federal markets. She orchestrates, develops, and integrates AI-focused activities across the CIA and federal agencies where intelligence is critical. Ms. Raman’s command focuses on an AI-enabled future for the government.


Previously, Lakshmi Raman was the morning keynote at the 4th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit. She shared valuable views about the possibilities and challenges in line with the rise of AI. “AI-enhanced technology across all sectors of society brings with it great possibilities,” Ms. Raman said in her keynote address


Yet, as much as it can unlock huge potential, it can also pose threats from previously unknown adversaries. It’s a continuous balancing act of taking advantage of AI and addressing its risks. For this reason, this discussion will still be one of her keynote’s main objectives in the annual summit’s 5th year.

Moreover, Ms. Raman incorporates AI with “human judgment and accountability” to minimize lapses in the decision-making process. “AI should be used in a manner consistent with respect for individual rights and liberties of individuals,” she added. Similarly, this will be a pivotal conversation at the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit.


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