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CTO of Ericsson in Silicon Valley and Head of Ericsson Group Technology Strategy, Erik Ekudden, to Introduce Keynote Speaker Heidi Shyu

Erik Ekkudden to Introduce Keynote Speaker Heidi Shyu

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The birth of the telephone paved the way for people to communicate within long distances without seeing each other. Hundreds of years later, advanced 5g networks enabled people to communicate and access information from anywhere in the world.

While the world enjoys seamless connectivity, prime telecommunications companies continue enhancing their capabilities for future generations. Erik Ekudden of Ericsson is one of the leaders behind the radical development of communications networks for the present and future.

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Erik Ekudden: Who is he?

Alt text: Erik Ekudden, Group CTO of Ericsson
Photo of Erik Ekudden from the official Ericsson website

Erik Ekudden is the current Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Ericsson Group. Additionally, he assumes the roles of Senior Vice President and Head of Group Function Technology.

As Ericsson’s Group CTO, Mr. Ekudden oversees strategy and overall direction of technology leadership. His work encompasses investments and strategic decision-making in cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

Erik Ekudden has been a vital and trusted member of Ericsson’s leadership team since 1993. For more than 30 years, he has developed the expertise to influence technological activities and lead customers from 2G to 5G and beyond.

Before taking the reins of Ericsson’s technology strategies, Mr. Ekudden worked as research area director and vice president of standardization. He mainly worked on mobile systems research, where he and his team developed the multimedia and technology functions used in smartphones today. Moreover, Erik Ekudden and his team were actively involved in the development of the first augmented reality for mobile systems.

After seven years of working at Ericsson in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, Mr. Ekudden was relocated to Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017. He continues to work as the Group CTO and Head of Technology and Strategy.


About Ericsson

Alt text: Official Ericsson Logo
Logo of Ericsson from the official Ericsson website


Ericsson, formally known as Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, is an international networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1876, Ericsson has become one of the leaders of 5G technologies and prime contributors to the telecommunications industry. The company is most well-known for inventing Bluetooth technology. 

In 1902, Ericsson explored the United States market and established its first location in New York. Since then, the telecommunications company has expanded to more than 30 locations, including training, manufacturing, and research and development. Ericsson has also made investments worth $7.2 billion in leading US companies.


Erik Ekudden, Keynote Introducer at the 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit

10th Annual Defense R&D Summit

Erik Ekudden, Group CTO of Ericsson, is one of the speakers assembled at the forthcoming 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit. 

Hosted by the Potomac Officers Club (POC), the summit will focus on developing cutting-edge technologies for the military and federal government. These capabilities encompass reducing death, securing innovation advantage, winning great power competition, and operating the digital battlespace.

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At the summit, Mr. Ekudden will introduce Heidi Shyu as the opening keynote speaker. In addition, attending the summit will also give you the opportunity to watch notable industry leaders share their insights on the panels.

Besides Erik Ekudden, the summit will feature other esteemed advanced networks and technology speakers, such as Juan Ramirez and Dr. Martin Weiss.

What has Erik Ekudden contributed to the industry?

Alt text: What has Erik Ekudden contributed to the industry?
Photo by Cliff Hang from Pixabay


In 2023, Erik Ekudden played an active role in integrating 5G networks into different emerging technologies. His work would be paramount in enhancing customers’ experience in harnessing fast connectivity for work, leisure, and government processes.

One of his significant works last year was deploying 5G to transform the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market. CPaaS is a cloud platform that uses programmable application programming interfaces (APIs). It simplifies the deployment of multimedia communications integration. With the integration of 5G, CPaaS is ideal for digital native and non-native brands seeking to expand their reach via applications.

In March 2023, Mr. Ekudden highlighted that Ericsson would play a significant role in the development and standardization of 6G. With India being the third-largest market for Ericsson’s 6G, it will be crucial in advancing connectivity for interoperability on a global scale.


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