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BAE To Upgrade Mk 45 Naval Gun Systems on Australian Frigates

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BAE Systems has received a contract to upgrade the Mk 45 naval gun systems on the Royal Australian Navy‘s Anzac-class frigates.

It said the modernization effort will address the gun system’s obsolescence issues and extend its operating life.

Under the agreement, the company will implement the Common Control System upgrade package to replace electronics on Mk 45 Mod 1 and 2 systems and bring them to the Mod 4 configuration.

Following the modification works, Australia’s Mk 45 will be compatible and interoperable with the U.S. Navy’s gun systems.

The Mk 45s will also be able to support advanced munitions, such as the hypervelocity projectile, and future mission capabilities, but with a significantly reduced cost than acquiring a new gun system.

According to Brent Butcher, vice president of weapon systems at BAE Systems, the upgrade program will create a configuration that accommodates the integration of the next generation of precision-guided munitions, helping defense customers address current and future threats.

BAE Systems will work on the contract at its production facility in Louisville, Kentucky, and make the initial delivery in early 2026.

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