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44 Companies to Develop Tech Solutions for NATO’s Identified Challenges

44 Companies to Develop Tech Solutions for NATO’s Identified Challenges

NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic has selected 44 companies to develop technology solutions that will help the security alliance address challenges on energy resilience, undersea sensing and surveillance, and secure information sharing.

Following its Thursday announcement, the organization also called for mentors and experts to guide the first batch of innovators and entrepreneurs, who were picked from over 1,300 applicants with expertise in robotics, ocean sensors, quantum technologies and energy-generating textiles.

DIANA Managing Director Deeph Chana said his office will work closely with the chosen companies to test their ideas. It will also provide the companies with technical advice and help them secure funding for their proposals.

The participating companies, which operate from a NATO member country, submitted proposed solutions that were deemed technologically feasible and commercially viable.

NATO said the selected solutions are determined to be capable of tackling the challenges identified by the alliance.

To pursue their technology development efforts, the companies will each receive $109,000 starting in December to fund their salary, rent and equipment expenses.

In early 2024, the chosen innovators will join DIANA’s bespoke accelerator program, allowing collaboration with experts in developing their proposed solutions.

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