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Czech Republic Partners With Germany for Joint Acquisition of Leopard 2A8 Tanks

leopard 2A8 tanks

The Czech Republic has initiated discussions with Germany about a joint acquisition of Leopard 2A8 tanks.

Defence Minister Jana Cernochova told local news media CZDefence that the talks with the German government are in an advanced stage.

“The negotiations are ongoing at the moment, and we anticipate that there should be clarity over the course of the next year,” the minister stressed.

Prague expects to secure a good defense procurement deal by partnering with Berlin, Defense News reported.

Cernochova is optimistic that with Germany’s support, Czechia will receive better terms from the tank manufacturer, particularly in pricing and the delivery schedule of the hardware.

The defense chief announced the collaborative effort following her revelation in July that the Czech Republic plans to purchase at least 77 new units of the German-made tanks.

The country’s ongoing military modernization program also includes beefing up its air force capabilities.

In the same interview with CZDefence, the official talked about an upcoming deal with Embraer that would deliver two C-390 Millenium aircraft to the European country in 2024.

She also disclosed that the Czech Air Force would soon fly the F-35 aircraft, noting that negotiations on acquiring 24 units of the fifth-generation fighter would be concluded in the coming weeks.

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