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Switzerland Selects PAC-3 MSE Guided Missile

Switzerland Selects PAC-3 MSE Guided Missile

The United States and Switzerland have finalized an agreement for the Swiss Air Force’s acquisition of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles and support equipment from Lockheed Martin.

According to the defense contractor, the deal makes Switzerland the 15th partner country for its PAC-3 MSE missiles, designed to defend against short-range warheads.

The acquisition, part of the Swiss Air Force’s Air2030 program, will strengthen the European nation’s Patriot ground-based air defense system.

The Swiss army’s procurement agency Armasuisse announced the $331 million deal on Tuesday, SWI swissinfo reported, adding that Lockheed Martin is expected to start shipment in 2028 and complete delivery in 2029.

Lockheed said the PAC-3 MSE employs a dual-pulse solid rocket motor to power increased performance in altitude and range. It uses “hit-to-kill” technology to intercept threats such as ballistic missiles and aircraft using body-to-body contact.

Additionally, the company has signed an Offset Agreement with Armasuisse to advance the PAC-3 MSE program through projects that support Switzerland’s security-relevant technology and industry base.

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