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KBR to Continue Supporting UK’s $1.2B Clean Energy Efforts

KBR to Continue Supporting UK’s $1.2B Clean Energy Efforts

KBR’s Frazer-Nash Consultancy has secured a contract from the U.K. Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to continue supporting the country’s $1.2 billion clean energy initiative.

Modifications to the agreement originally awarded in 2021 include the company assisting in the United Kingdom’s efforts to develop new energy technologies, systems and processes.

In particular, it will evaluate and monitor DESNZ projects for the U.K.’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

The company will also provide energy generation and distribution technical support for key power-generating projects such as hydrogen, nuclear, offshore and onshore wind, bioenergy, heat pumps and retrofit, heat distribution, biomass boilers and solar heating.

KBR said the continuing partnership will enable the U.K. government to realize its goals of exclusively using clean electricity by 2035 and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

In a statement, Paul Kahn, president of government international solutions at KBR, described the contract extension as a vote of confidence for Frazer-Nash Consultancy’s record of providing competent support for the U.K.’s energy market and DESNZ.

The collaboration is expected to power the U.K.’s ongoing efforts to attain energy security and a sustainable future, the official said.

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