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UAE’s Edge Group Acquires Majority Stake in Swiss VTOL Maker Anavia

UAE’s Edge Group Acquires Majority Stake in Swiss VTOL Maker Anavia

Abu Dhabi-based Edge Group has acquired 52 percent majority shares of Swiss vertical takeoff and landing system manufacturer Anavia. 

The move makes Edge a leader in VTOL. 

“The acquisition of a majority share in Anavia is an important step in Edge’s strategy of bolstering its advanced autonomous aerial vehicle capabilities as it rapidly expands its portfolio of multi-domain systems and solutions and its global export footprint,” said Mansour AlMulla, managing director and CEO of Edge Group. 

Nafels, Switzerland-based Anavia manufactures unmanned helicopters used in various missions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, inspection, mapping and cargo delivery. Founded by Jon Andri Jörg and Ishan Sahgal, it was established in 2019 as a business unit of Connova Group.

HT-100, Anavia’s most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle unveiled in 2021, is capable of flying up to 250 minutes with speeds of 120 kilometers per hour. It is equipped with a Flettner double-rotor system that enables flight stability and high payloads. The UAV’s backup electric drive offers an emergency system to ensure safety during flight. 

According to Sagal, becoming a part of Edge Group will enable the companies to collaborate on unmanned helicopter platforms and make advances in autonomous aviation.

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