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Australian Navy Receives Sixth Austal Vessel in Patrol Boat Fleet Buildup

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The Royal Australian Navy has received the sixth Evolved Cape-class patrol boat out of the eight vessels it ordered from Austal Ltd, the shipbuilder announced on Friday. Named ADV Cape Pillar, the watercraft was the third Evolved Cape-class Patrol Boat turned over to the Australian Navy in 2023.

According to Austal CEO Paddy Gregg, the six vessels were handed over to the Australian Navy in just 18 months, in effect delivering a new naval capability every three months.

The company is on schedule for a 2024 delivery for the remaining two vessels being built at the company’s Henderson shipyard in Western Australia, the executive added.

Launched in May 2020, the Evolved Cape project called for the construction of 58-meter aluminum mono-hull patrol boats. Each vessel can hold a 32-man crew and features advanced intelligence systems to support the patrol boats’ constabulary and naval missions.

The Australian government also contracted Austal to build 22 steel Guardian-class patrol boats, 17 of which it has so far received since 2018.

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