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Greek Startup Develops 5-Foot Drone Quadcopter Armed With a Rocket Launcher

spirit aeronautical systems

Ukraine and other countries are interested in Spirit Aeronautical Systems’ five-foot drone quadcopter armed with a rocket launcher, officials of its Greek startup told Breaking Defense.

The rotary drone SARISA SRS-1A carrying an RL275-1S rocket launcher was shown for the first time at the Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition held from Oct. 9 to 11 in Washington, D.C.

The company’s website describes the SARISA SRS-1A as a multirotor UAV that can take off with an approximate weight of up to 60 kilograms.

According to Fotis Kampiotis, SAS Technology vice president, the “unique system not developed by others” offers an alternative to rockets typically fired from big helicopters. The drone achieves stability because it is designed with a special system to absorb the kinetic energy from firing rockets.

During the summer, launching tests were conducted with rockets from French supplier Thales, company officials said.

SAS exhibited other products at AUSA, including a concept standoff loitering munition, the AIHMI AHM-1X, which could also be installed on the SARISA drone or dropped by helicopters.

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