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Slovenia’s C-Astral Confirms Recent Delivery of Belin Drones to Ukraine

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Slovenia’s C-Astral has confirmed supplying its Belin unmanned aerial system, also known as Bramor C4EYE, to Ukraine.

According to the drone maker, it recently donated several UAS units through an initiative facilitated by the Slovenian government.

In an interview with Defense News at the GSOF Symposium last week, Jernej Moderc, a drone pilot for C-Astral, disclosed that Ukrainian troops have been using the Belin aircraft for some time.

The company keeps in touch with soldiers on the battlefield to receive feedback and provide technical support, th pilot added.

C-Astral said the unarmed Belin drone is designed to conduct intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. It can also follow military convoys and serve as soldiers’ eye in the sky, according to Defense News.

The Bramor boasts a maximum endurance of three hours and covers up to 40 km using a beyond-line-of-sight communications link.

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