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Rheinmetall Exec: Ukrainian Conflict Highlights Importance of Modern Artillery Cannon, Propellant

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The war in Ukraine has highlighted the need for tactical artillery range dominance to support readiness for large-scale combat operations, according to Jon Milner, director of business development for weapon and ammunition at American Rheinmetall Defense.

In an interview with Breaking Defense on Monday, Milner said Russia has turned the conflict into an artillery showdown by launching a massive firepower. He noted that the war showcased how the Western powers have neglected their artillery capabilities in the past decades and their unpreparedness for full-scale battles.

However, Ukraine also convinced the West to modernize its artillery cannon, large-caliber industrial base and propellant, the executive stressed.

Milner said that Rheinmetall’s continuing investment in such technologies allows it to meet Western powers’ required warfighting capabilities and solutions rapidly.

Asked how the company products are faring in Ukraine, Milner said Rheinmetall cannons are performing with “exceptional results.”

He cited recent observations made by Col. Sergei Baronov, Ukraine’s artillery chief, who described the German-made PzH 2000 as one of the country’s most reliable and accurate cannon platforms. The self-propelled howitzer employs Rheinmetall’s 155 mm L52 cannon system.

Baronov also lauded the DM702 SMArt 155 projectile for neutralizing Russia’s armored vehicles, Breaking Defense said.

The missile uses two Rheinmetall sensor-fused top attack weapon sub-munitions.

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