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Israel, Germany Jumpstart $3.5B Deal on Arrow 3 Air Defense

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Israel has signed a $3.5 billion agreement to equip Germany with the Arrow  3 air defense system. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius welcomed his Israeli counterpart, Yoav Gallant, in Berlin on Thursday for the signing ceremony of an official letter of commitment between the two countries, Breaking Defense reported.

In a statement, Israel’s Ministry of Defense said the deal provides advance funding of $600 million to accelerate the system’s delivery timeline.

The ministry and Israel Aerospace Industries previously indicated that Arrow 3 will be ready for initial operational capability by 2025.

During the signing ceremony, the Israeli defense minister stressed his country’s commitment to delivering the air defense system on time.

He noted that the deal, which he described as Israel’s biggest defense export ever, reflects the strong partnership between the Jewish nation and Germany.

“Just as [Arrow-3] guards Israel’s skies and saves lives, now it will also defend Germany and its citizens, and may integrate smoothly with NATO systems,” Gallant said.

Arrow 3 features the David’s Sling and Iron Dome, the respective medium and shorter-range tiers of the defense system, which Israel had co-developed with the United States to address exo-atmospheric threats. Washington signed off on the sale in August.

IAI manufactures Arrow 3, while Rafael Advanced Defense Systems supplies David’s Sling.

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