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In Post-Digital Age, Governments Urged to ‘Think Beyond Innovation’

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Government leaders have to shift focus to mission outcomes and think beyond innovation to manage government operations in the post-digital age, Software AG executives shared in a commentary on Federal News Network.

Hank Bailey, Software AG Government Solutions president and board chairman, and Aaron Mazzatenta, company vice president, wrote that the digital concept remains important but is “no longer a qualifier for how government can best deliver services.”

The opinion piece maintained that the onset of artificial intelligence and new data integration platforms has made digital capabilities a basic requirement for doing business.

A Gartner webinar talked about this shift in government administration to a post-digital era wherein digital administration has become the norm.

Bailey and Mazzatenta said this trend agrees with a Gartner report that by 2026, three out of four governments will measure digital transformation success with how well its outcomes impact their mission to serve citizens.

The two executives pointed out several initiatives already in the works to improve engagement from constituents, underscoring the need for a more open government and a study of how artificial intelligence can contribute to better sharing of data systems among agencies.

“The post-digital government world will be backed by ubiquitous data integration. While the citizen… [has] a seamless front-end experience, autonomous data integration platforms will be working on the back end, creating easy connections and workflows … augmented by AI,” the two said in the commentary.

“Having ubiquitous and autonomous data doing all of the work on the back end, it will be easier to create individualized and on-demand services for addressing any constituent need,” they concluded.

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