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BAE Systems Study Reveals Multidomain Integration as an Essential Information Battlespace Capability

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A BAE Systems study found that achieving multidomain integration is a priority among defense and aerospace leaders to maintain superiority on the battlefield. This is as information warfare becomes more complex with the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The study included a poll that involved up to 400 senior business and IT decision-makers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Nordics and the Middle East.

According to the report titled “Decision Making in the Battlespace of the Future,” almost all respondents agree that multidomain integration, which involves enhanced collaboration between military departments and developing integrated technologies, will enable more effective responses to cyberattacks and other gray-zone threats and AI developments.

Mivy James, digital transformation director of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, which produced the report, pointed to optimized processes and being able to see the big picture as some of the key benefits of multidomain integration.

“We’re seeing a decline in the clear distinction between traditional domains in modern warfare and we need to differentiate less between the physical and digital space and create digital threads between domains to manage this evolving threat,” she also said.

While over 90 percent of the people surveyed believe multidomain integration is essential, they acknowledge that the capability is difficult to implement.

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