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Anduril Industries Lands MoD Contract to Mature Force Protection Technology

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The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded Anduril Industries a $20.6 million contract to advance the development of force protection technology for the Royal Air Force and the Strategic Command on Permanent Joint Operating Bases.

Under the agreement, the company will work on Phase 3 of the MoD and Strategic Command’s Programme TALOS, which seeks to accelerate the integration of advanced command and control capabilities into the United Kingdom’s force protection systems.

According to Anduril, the program’s third stage will explore advancements in autonomy, edge processing, big data and artificial intelligence to support deploying modern capabilities into defense platforms.

The MoD deal will mature the force protection layering technology developed through the program’s second phase.

The project entails testing integrated technologies to better understand C2 network options that would support the development of end-to-end defense solutions.

In a statement, Greg Kausner, head of global defense at Anduril, said the company’s partnership with jHub, the Strategic Command’s innovation team, will employ the Lattice platform to accelerate the development of modern defense technologies that meet the requirements of the U.K. armed forces.

The contract’s work requirements will run for two years and seven months, with its value likely to increase to $29.2 million.

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