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Sensors Tech, Air Traffic Management Firms to Develop Passive Surveillance System for Germany

air traffic management

Defense contractor Hensoldt and Era, an air traffic management company based in the Czech Republic, are working together on a passive surveillance system for the German Air Force.

On Aug. 30, the two companies announced a strategic partnership that combines their technologies and expertise to develop air surveillance and defense capabilities in response to heightened security threats across Europe. 

Hensoldt, based in Ulm, Germany, specializes in providing sensor technologies for protection and surveillance missions while Era delivers air traffic control and passive surveillance systems for defense and electronic warfare.

Under the partnership, the two sides will combine Era’s passive ESM tracker VERA-NG and Hensoldt’s Twinvis, a passive coherent locator, to create an integrated air picture to enhance European air surveillance and defense. According to the companies, the two technologies complement each other because VERA-NG is designed to detect targets at long ranges while Twinvis can see threats at shorter distances.

“Our collaboration is founded on the shared vision of enhancing national security through advanced technologies, and we are confident that our integrated solution will set new benchmarks in passive air surveillance and defense,” said Markus Rothmaier, who heads the Naval & Ground Radars business unit at Hensold.

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