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Q-CTRL, Diraq Engage In Quantum Work for Australia, US

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Australian quantum technology companies Q-CTRL and Diraq are set to work together on several multimillion-dollar projects for government customers.

One of the projects will see the companies develop new techniques to operate and optimize next-generation silicon quantum processors for the U.S. Army Research Office. Diraq, a manufacturer of silicon-based quantum computing chips, is currently leading the effort.

The project supports the initiatives under a trilateral agreement between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom to strengthen joint capabilities through information and technology sharing and by combining industrial bases and supply chains across participating nations.

Two other projects come under the New South Wales Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer’s Quantum Computing Commercialization Fund, a government initiative that supports Australian quantum hardware and software companies. Q-CTRL, a quantum control infrastructure software provider, and Diraq will combine capabilities to build Australia’s first cloud-accessible silicon quantum processor and tailor the technology to fit the needs of the financial sector.

“The partnership between Diraq and Q-CTRL exemplifies our shared commitment to driving the next era of innovation in the quantum computing industry, both locally in Australia and globally,” said Diraq founder and CEO Andrew Dzurak.

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