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New Export Restrictions Imposed on Nvidia, AMD’s AI Chips

Advanced micro devices

The United States is requiring Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia to secure licenses prior to exporting artificial intelligence chips to some countries in the Middle East.

According to a Reuters article, Nvidia said in a regulatory filing that the new export rule would not have “immediate material impact” on its financial results. AMD does not anticipate the change to affect its revenue as well, an unnamed source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Nvidia said in separate remarks that it is coordinating with the government to address the licensing requirement.

A spokesperson for the Department of Commerce said, however, that the U.S. has not imposed any limits to chip exports to the Mideast region. The department, through the Bureau of Industry and Security, is responsible for ensuring that the transfer of high technology to other countries complies with export administration regulations.

In 2022, the U.S. restricted exporting semiconductors to China, particularly those built using American tools and designed for AI applications. Nvidia has since developed a version of its H100 chip that it can offer Chinese customers without violating export regulations.

In August, AMD announced its plan to modify its MI300 accelerator chip for training AI models to remain compliant with the export rule while meeting the needs of its customers in China.

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