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Elbit Systems Books $109M Deal to Protect Swedish CV90 Platform

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Elbit Systems has received a $109 million contract from BAE Systems Hägglunds to deploy the Iron Fist Active Protection System for a European customer’s tracked armored Combat Vehicle 90 platform.

According to Elbit, the APS features low volume, weight and power requirements and offers 360-degree protection in open terrain and urban environments.

Its sensor employs advanced technologies such as search-and-track radar, infrared cameras and data fusion algorithms to rapidly and accurately identify and track threats.

The system deploys an explosive charge toward an incoming threat and detonates it to generate a shock wave that neutralizes the danger, the Israel-based company added.

“Recent conflicts have shown that armored fighting vehicles and tanks face an increased danger to forces on the battlefield,” Yehuda Vered, general manager of Elbit Systems Land, said in a statement. “The Iron Fist has been proven to be effective against a range of threats including kinetic energy rounds and drones, neutralizing them far from troops inside combat fighting vehicles.”

Elbit Systems intends to fulfill the contract requirements over the next three years.

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