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Washington Approves Finland’s Purchase of US-Israeli Missile System

david's sling

The U.S. government has approved Finland’s purchase of the “David’s Sling” missile system that the United States jointly developed with Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday.

The Finnish purchase is worth approximately $346.75 million, with Israel as the seller under the procurement agreement.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Israel’s Missile Defense Organization co-developed and co-produced the David’s Sling system. Haifa, Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems led the industrial team that developed the system.

Arlington County, Virginia-based Raytheon Technologies will join Rafael as the lead in developing Finland’s missile system, which will also involve partnerships with Finnish industries.

Under the purchase, Finland will receive missile interceptors from both the U.S. and Israel as well as radar systems and missile launchers that will be made in Israel. The advanced threats that the system can intercept include ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as unmanned aircraft systems.

Finland will integrate David’s Sling into the country’s military command and control. The country approved the purchase in April following its accession as NATO’s latest member.

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