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New Security Center in Australia Provides More Data Access to US Allies

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The United States has established a new mission partner environment in Australia, allowing allied countries to have access to all information they need to conduct operations in various domains. 

The Combined Joint Network Operations Security Center enabled sharing of communications, targeting and other data among military personnel from 13 Indo-Pacific countries that participated in the recent Talisman Sabre exercise involving sea, land, air, cyber and space operations.

U.S. Lt. Gen. Xavier Brunson, commander of Army I Corps, said the CJ-NOSC is the first unit established to offer allies more accessible information. The U.S. Tactical Operations Center has a similar function, but it limits data access depending on a country’s clearance level. 

Brunson said Talisman Sabre showed the willingness of participating countries to join forces to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific.

During the exercise, a Chinese spy vessel was spotted near Shoalwater Bay, where live-fire exercises were conducted. Australian Chief of Joint Operations Lt. Gen. Greg Bilton said a P-8 surveillance aircraft was deployed to contact the Dongdiao-class vessel and it received a customary response to its hail.

The U.S. National Defense Strategy identifies China as an “overall pacing challenge” for U.S. defense planning in the region.

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