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Embraer Set To Expand Radar Portfolio Following M200 Vigilante Tests

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Sao Paolo-based Embraer has completed initial testing of the M200 Vigilante radar that it jointly developed with the Brazilian Army, bringing the equipment closer to becoming fully operational.

The radar is a medium-range sensor designed for air surveillance and early warning applications.

The trial, held at the Julio Belem Airport in Parintins in June and July, included deploying the radar on a Brazilian Air Force KC-390 transport aircraft that the aerospace company also designed.

Embraer and the army timed the activity to coincide with the Parintins Folkloric Festival when air traffic increases significantly in the region, an opportune condition for the equipment’s trial.

During the test, M200 Vigilante accomplished continuous air traffic monitoring at the airport, which could witness up to 800 landings and takeoffs during the festival.

According to Bosco da Costa Junior,  president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, M200 Vigilante’s performance in the challenging Amazon rainforest environment is a critical step forward in the radar’s future adoption by armed forces in Brazil and elsewhere.

The new equipment will join the family of Brazilian radars that includes the Saber M60 2.0 Embraer delivered to the Brazilian Army in September 2022. The company has also provided the SENTIR M20 radar used by the Brazilian Border Monitoring System.

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