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RTX, ProjectXYZ Named as Prime Contractors for US-Ukraine HAWK Deal

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RTX and ProjectXYZ are the principal contractors for the potential $138 million sale of sustainment-related articles and services to Ukraine for the HAWK Phase III Missile System.

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the Department of State has approved Kyiv’s request to procure HAWK sustainment support.

Requested products and services include engineering and integration for communications and interoperability, refurbishment and system overhaul of HAWK air defense fire units, missile recertification components, spare parts, sustainment training, and other logistics and program support.

HAWK, an acronym for Homing All the Way Killer, is a Raytheon-built medium-range missile system for disabling multiple airborne threats.

The United States donated the weapon, known as MIM-23 HAWK, under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative in June 2023.

The system was developed in 1956 and underwent several upgrades in the past decade. While HAWK was replaced by the Patriot system in the U.S., the legacy weapon can still provide Kyiv the capability to control its airspace, Forbes reported.

DSCA said the potential foreign military sale will help Ukraine protect its people and critical infrastructure from Russian missile strikes and other aerial capabilities.

Temporary duty travel for five U.S. government and 15 contractor representatives to Europe is required to Implement the proposed sale and facilitate HAWK system training and sustainment.

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