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Norway Responds to ‘Deteriorating’ Security Environment With Increased Defense Spending Plan

Trygve Slagsvold Vedum

Norway wants to increase defense spending in preparation for a potential conflict with Russia. 

“As our security environment is deteriorating, we need to spend more on and pay more attention to defense and preparedness,” said Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, the country’s minister of finance.

Under the Norwegian government’s long-term defense plan, about $60 billion will be invested over the next 12 years to boost the Armed Forces. 

According to its budget request to Parliament, the fund will recruit 4,600 conscripts, 13,700 reservists and 4,600 military personnel.

The government is also investing more money in strengthening the maritime nation’s capability to defend at sea.

A new maritime package will provide funding for purchasing at least five new frigates with anti-submarine helicopters, five or more new submarines, and up to 10 large and 18 smaller vessels.

Part of the proposed budget will be used to improve defense infrastructure through increasing stocks of munition, boosting surveillance of surrounding areas through satellite and drone use, and strengthening air defense by purchasing long-range air defense systems.

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