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Lockheed Martin Conducts Spy-7 Radar Live Track Test for Japan’s Aegis-Equipped Ships

Missile Defense

Lockheed Martin detected space objects using its AN/Spy-7(v)1 radar for Aegis system-equipped vessels during the technology’s first live track demonstration. 

From the company’s facility in Moorestown, New Jersey, the solid-state radar transmitted data to Amazon Web Services for processing.

“The Spy-7 radar product line uses technology from the long-range discrimination radar program to enhance overall strength against evolving threats,” said Chandra Marshall, vice president of Radar and Sensor Systems at Lockheed Martin.

Representatives from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Navy were present during the demonstration.

“We use our proven integration and test process to fully test the capability of Aegis and SPY-7 prior to delivery to Japan,” shared Amr Hussein, vice president of Multi-Domain Combat Solutions at Lockheed Martin.

According to the company, the Spy-7 radar detects, tracks and engages ballistic missiles and other advanced airborne threats. It is also capable of countering multiple targets simultaneously. 

Japan plans to install and field Spy-7 for ASEV on two of its upcoming vessels, which the Japan Ministry of Defense is targeting to commission in 2028 and 2029. In December, the Japanese MOD secured $2.6 billion in funding for fiscal 2024 to construct the two ASEV.

The East Asian nation is boosting its maritime defense capabilities in response to rising tensions with China and North Korea.

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