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US, Partner Countries Participate in Project Convergence Capstone 4

US, Partner Countries Participate in Project Convergence Capstone 4

The United States is holding a multinational force experiment at Camp Pendleton and Fort Irwin National Training Center in California to identify technologies that can enable joint multidomain operations.

Military members from the U.S. and its allied countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, are participating in the U.S. Army-led Project Convergence Capstone 4, which will run until March 20.

Capt. Jack Hatton, Australian Army joint interface control officer, said PC-C4 activities, including integrating emerging commercial technologies and capabilities into military operations, are focused on validating the interoperability between multinational mission partner forces.

Combining allied forces in multidomain operations requires interoperable systems to provide commanders with timely information, according to Lt. Col. Roger Pilton, Australian Army liaison officer for the U.S. Army Network Cross-Functional Team, noting that achieving decision advantage is crucial in winning on the battlefield.

Kathleen Hicks, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense, departed for California on Sunday to observe the ongoing capstone event and gain better insight into the challenges facing the Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control implementation across the joint force.

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