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Ursa Space, Maiar to Deliver Enhanced Geospatial Analytics to UK Defense Customers

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Ursa Space Systems and British company Maiar have joined hands to provide defense customers in the United Kingdom with enhanced geospatial and open source analytics.

George Flick, vice president of U.S. government at Ursa Space, said the partnership aims to address customer demands for expedited data processing and response times.

Ursa offers a platform designed to provide users with satellite imagery from various commercial satellite constellations, data fusion capabilities and analytic services to rapidly capture valuable information from space-based data.

The U.S.-based company will use Maiar’s experience in the U.K. defense intelligence sector to understand customer requirements better and inform improvements to the Ursa platform.

The partnership will also support Maiar in developing analytical solutions using Ursa’s capabilities to meet the specific needs of defense clients.

Tony Reeves, managing director at Maiar, said the insights from Ursa provide an opportunity to enable automated data analytics, giving analysts more time to focus on complex intelligence problems.

While the collaboration is focused on the U.K. defense market, the companies, which operate as intelligence-as-a-service providers, also seek to deliver their services to other NATO member countries.

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