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Sweden to Provide Funding for Czech Republic’s Effort to Supply Ukraine With Ammunition

production of ammunition support ukraine

Sweden has joined the Czech Republic’s effort to boost the ammunition supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces amid Kyiv’s battle with Russia. 

The new NATO member has pledged to provide $32 million to the initiative. 

“Czechia has identified possibilities for purchasing large amounts of ammunition in the global market for donation to Ukraine,” said Pal Jonson, Sweden’s minister of defense. 

The Swedish government authorized the Defence Materiel Administration to discuss the funding with relevant organizations. Details of the package are still being finalized in the Riksdag, Sweden’s legislature. 

The Czech Republic has been sourcing ammunition for Ukraine from around the world and has so far collected about 800,000 artillery shells. The Central European nation has also secured another 700,000 pieces from various suppliers. 

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Prague’s connection to the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics created strong ties with the Global South, where there are large stockpiles of Soviet-era weapons. 

France, Germany and the United States are working on increasing domestic production of ammunition to support Ukraine.

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