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Germany Boosts Air Defense With $1.2B Patriot Missile Systems Purchase From RTX; Tom Laliberty Quoted


RTX announced on Thursday that its subsidiary Raytheon has signed a $1.2 billion contract with Germany for the supply of Patriot air and missile defense systems to enhance the country’s air defense capabilities.

The deal follows the $5.6 billion agreement that the NATO Support and Procurement Agency signed in January with COMLOG, a joint venture of Raytheon and MBDA Germany, to supply the new Patriot GEM-T missiles to Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain. Under the NATO contract, COMLOG will expand its European production of GEM-T missiles, also known as Patriot Advanced Capability 2 missile interceptors.

According to RTX, Raytheon will deliver to Germany the latest Patriot Configuration 3+ radars and related equipment, such as command and control stations, launchers and spares.  

The Tucson, Arizona-based company described the Patriot as the only ground-based air and missile defense system with counter capabilities against all airborne threats, including long-range cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles. Patriot partner countries invests in the missile’s technology for continuing upgrades, RTX added.

Tom Laliberty, Raytheon’s land and air defense systems president, viewed the German procurement as a reflection of “the global emphasis on advanced air and missile defense capabilities and the steadfast confidence in Patriot.” With the new Patriot acquisition, Germany will not only significantly modernize its air defense but also strengthen its interoperability with NATO allies, he added.

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