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NATO’s DIANA Trans-Atlantic Network Expands With New Accelerator, Test Sites

expand network accelerator and test centers

NATO has expanded its network of accelerators and test centers across 28 allied countries. 

On Thursday, the alliance revealed that the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic now has 23 accelerator sites and 182 test centers. 

Before the announcement, there were only 11 accelerator sites and 90 test centers under the initiative. 

DIANA was launched in 2022 to fast-track the development and implementation of defense and security capabilities. The international program provides companies with resources and guidance to support the creation of innovative technologies that can solve the challenges NATO member states and allies face. 

During a press conference in Belgium, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the new facilities will focus on “sharpening our technological edge in areas ranging from artificial Intelligence and cyber to 5G, hypersonics and autonomous systems.”

Three of the new DIANA sites are in Finland. According to The Financial Express, NATO approved a proposal to establish an accelerator in Otaniemi, Espoo, and two test centers at the University of Oulu and a VTT Technical Research Centre facility.

The sites will focus on research and development of cybersecurity, quantum technology, space technology and 6G. 

The University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization in Canada was also included in the list of DIANA’s test centers.

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