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NATO Procures $65M Carl-Gustaf M4 Weapons From Saab

NATO Procures $65M Carl-Gustaf M4 Weapons From Saab

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency has awarded Saab a $65.14 million order for Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-rocket shoulder-launched weapon systems

The NSPA placed the order for four NATO member nations, with delivery expected to be completed by 2027.

“We are honored that the NSPA once again has chosen our trusted, reliable and effective Carl-Gustaf system,” says Gorgen Johansson, head of Saab’s Dynamics business area.

According to Saab’s website, Carl-Gustaf M4 is designed to provide troops with the capability to neutralize armored tanks, clear obstacles and engage enemies in buildings. Compared to its predecessors, the latest weapon version is shorter and lighter to enhance troop speed and maneuverability on the battlefield.

The NSPA award comes after the company secured a $1.2 million contract from the Polish Ministry of Defence’s procurement authority earlier in March to deliver Carl-Gustaf launchers, ammunition and training equipment.

Saab has been expanding its operations to meet demands for the Carl-Gustaf system worldwide. Recently, the company commenced the construction of its manufacturing facility in India to supply the Indian Armed Forces with the rocket launcher.

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