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US, Allies Endorse Principles to Develop Secure, Inclusive 6G Technologies

US, Allies Endorse Principles to Develop Secure, Inclusive 6G Technologies

The United States, together with nine allies, is endorsing six principles to govern the research and development of 6G wireless technologies

In a joint statement issued Monday, the allies, namely the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Finland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, called for open, free, reliable, resilient and secure connectivity. They urged other countries also to uphold the principles.

“Collaboration and unity are key to resolving pressing challenges in the development of 6G, and we hereby declare our intention to adopt relevant policies to this end in our countries,” the joint statement reads.

The principles emphasize 6G technology that is inclusive, trusted, affordable, sustainable and protects national security and privacy. They also call for 6G technologies that encourage a globally competitive market and resilient supply chains.

While the statement did not mention China, the East Asian superpower is one of the countries that have been investing heavily in developing 6G. The state-run China Global Television Network recently reported the launch of experimental satellites designed to test 5G and 6G capabilities in low-Earth orbit.

The next-generation wireless technology promises faster and more reliable connectivity. It is expected to unlock higher internet speeds with lower latency than 5G.

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