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UK Bares $57M Stimulus for Quantum Computing Development

Quantum computing development

The British government has created the Quantum Catalyst Fund with a total of $56.8 million allocation to develop the U.K. quantum computing industry and tap the sector’s contribution toward the country’s transformation into a quantum-enabled economy by 2033. 

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology said the funding opportunities include projects on quantum tech-based brain scanners for improved diagnosis of mental disorders and cost-saving navigation systems using quantum sensors for transportation safety in tunnels.

The allocation, which Science Minister Andrew Griffith announced on Monday, also provides $37.9 million for a competition to develop advanced prototype quantum computers to provide a controlled environment for scientists’ and engineers’ experimentation. 

The U.K. Research and Innovation Technology Missions Fund and the U.K. National Quantum Computing Centre support the prototype development competition, which is now in Phase 2 with six concepts already selected for funding.

In addition, the Quantum Catalyst Fund provides $18.9 million to push the government’s use of quantum technology across various policy areas, such as health care and energy.

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