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Sweden Eyes Expansion of Military Training Assistance to Ukraine

Sweden Eyes Expansion of Military Training Assistance to Ukraine

The Swedish Armed Forces is expected to train more than 18,000 Ukrainian military personnel in 2024 under a Swedish government mandate to continue previous training support, with the possibility of expanding the assistance to other training activities. 

The new training package, which Stockholm announced on Thursday, was developed from 2023 activities and assessments of additional requirements arising from recent coalition support under the Ukraine Defense Contact Group

Sweden will continue to participate in the Ukrainian training engagements under the EU Military Assistance Mission covering health care and infantry training and in the U.K. Operation Interflex where the activities include weapons handling, battlefield first aid and patrol tactics.

It could extend potential supplementary support for training on the military equipment it donated to Ukraine. Training support will also possibly cover amphibious combat tactics under the Maritime Security Coalition Framework and land mine clearance training conducted through the Demining Coalition for Ukraine.

The training assistance complements Sweden’s military aid package to Ukraine, which increased from the $155 million announced in October to $687 million that the government disclosed on Tuesday.

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