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Nokia Network Products Pass Buy America Rules, June Deliveries Seen

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Finnish technology company Nokia announced that its U.S.-made fiber optic broadband network electronics and optical modules have passed the final Department of Commerce Buy America guidelines

The company said on Friday that compliance with the guidelines developed by the department’s National Telecommunications Information and Administration will enable full Nokia support to U.S. states’ launch of Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment initiatives to expand communities’ high-speed internet access in 2024.

Nokia said its Buy America-compliant solutions are available as individual products or as a component of its network-in-a-box technology program providing end-to-end fiber networks designed to expand broadband access. The company intends to self-certify its products under NTIA’s Buy America specifications, paving the start of product deliveries by June.

The certifications will cover the Nokia FX and MF OLT modular product lines, Nokia SF-8M sealed OLT and XS-220X-A ONT.

Sandy Motley, Nokia’s U.S. country manager, expressed pride in the company’s Buy America compliance and its contribution to the U.S. government’s efforts to extend broadband availability to all Americans, noting, “We believe broadband is a fundamental right and a vital social and economic development enabler.”

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