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Lawmakers Urge UK MoD to Address Recruitment, Retention Crisis

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The U.K. House of Commons defense committee has released a report urging the Ministry of Defence to swiftly address the recruitment and retention crisis in the British Armed Forces’ regulars and reservists.

Titled “Ready for War?” the report pointed out that the Armed Forces, whenever asked to deploy, consistently overstretch, negatively impacting fighter retention and delaying warfighting development readiness. The concern has to be resolved for the United Kingdom to fight sustained, high-intensity conflicts, according to the report released on Sunday.

With the possibility that MoD’s $2.4 billion spring 2023 budget allocation will be spent to cover existing deficits instead of replenishing and increasing resources, the report also highlighted replenishing ammunition stockpiles as another concern.

The government has to grow and sustain a defense industrial base for the United Kingdom to have the desired readiness for high-intensity wars, the report also stressed. It cited the policy changes to streamline U.K. procurement processes, which are anticipated for release before Easter, as a welcome development to grow and maintain U.K. industrial capacity, particularly in ammunition manufacturing.

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