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Elbit Books $300M Armored Vehicle Systems Order From European Buyer

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Elbit Systems has secured a $300 million contract to provide weapon, reconnaissance, driving, and situational awareness systems for about 230 armored vehicles of an unnamed European buyer.

An Israel Defense report noted that Elbit Systems’ UT-30 turret for a 30 mm cannon is among the features of the Pandur 6×6 EVO armored vehicles Austria ordered from General Dynamics.

According to Elbit, the contract also includes custom design, production, maintenance and in-country support. The armored vehicle systems will be delivered to the European customer for a period of six years.

“This contract underscores the customer’s high level of satisfaction for our systems and solutions already in service,” Bezhalel Machlis, Elbit president and CEO, said in a statement.

“It also reinforces Elbit Systems’ leadership in the armored vehicle market, underpinned by our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.”

In September, Elbit announced a $109 million purchase order from BAE Systems Hagglunds to deploy its Iron Fist Active Protection System for a European customer’s tracked armored Combat Vehicle 90 platform.

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