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Inspector General Presses Pentagon on Sustainment Plan for US Weapons in Ukraine

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The Office of Inspector General within the Department of Defense has urged the agency to implement a sustainment plan for each of the weapon and air defense systems it provided to Ukraine

In support of Ukraine’s fight against Russian attacks, the United States has supplied the European country with Bradley, Stryker and Abrams armored weapon systems and Patriot air defense systems.

Two recently released OIG evaluation reports, however, noted that DOD has yet to complete a plan to help Kyiv keep the systems operational for the long term. The failure to provide spare parts, ammunition and other sustainment support will impact Ukraine’s defense capability against Russian invasion, the review added.

Inspector General Robert Storch acknowledged that there is an ongoing effort to develop a sustainment plan, but he raised concerns over the Pentagon’s lack of foresight, which delayed performing appropriate actions, including identifying sustainment requirements and predicting sustainment costs.

The official said implementing the recommendations in the evaluation reports would enable DOD to provide Ukrainian forces with more effective support.

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