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David Wajsgras: A Trailblazer’s Journey to Innovation and Excellence

David Wajsgras: A Trailblazer's Journey to Innovation and Excellence

David Wajsgras’ journey to the top reflects a trailblazer’s commitment to innovation and excellence. For over 20 years, he has excelled as an executive with senior-level management experience in commercial and defense domains.

With contributions spanning operational, strategic, and financial services, David Wajsgras has received numerous prestigious awards, including Wash100. He is a seven-time recipient of Wash100, first receiving the award in 2017 during his time at Raytheon. In 2023, Mr. Wajsgras received his seventh Wash100 award with his leadership at Intelsat.

Continue reading to discover the trailblazing journey of David Wajsgras toward innovation and excellence.

Meet David Wajsgras

Photo by Romain Gamba/ Delano

David Wajsgras has been the Chief Executive Officer at Intelsat since March 2022. His focus revolves around long-term value generation for stakes across media, broadband, commercial aviation, mobility, and government contracting. Mr. Wajsgras’ transformative leadership drives innovation across the telecommunications company.

David Wajsgras completed his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maryland. Meanwhile, he earned his Master of Business Administration from American University in Washington, DC. 

David Wajsgras’ result-oriented background

David Wajsgras boasts a result-oriented background in his previous roles at Pine Island Capital Partner, Raytheon, and Lear Corporation. 

From 2015 to 2020, Mr. Wajsgras served as the President of Intelligence, Information, and Services at the former Raytheon Company. In this capacity, he handled a $7.5 billion portfolio in defense, intelligence, cybersecurity, and space. He delivered record sales in IIS, boosting enterprise-wide growth, profitability, and investments across the aerospace and defense industries.

Previously, David Wajsgras delivered proven results as Raytheon’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. His role was pivotal in enhancing the overall financial performance of the $30 billion company with a $60 billion market capitalization.

Prior to joining Raytheon, Mr. Wajsgras served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Lear Corporation. In this role, he oversaw the direct profit and loss in the company’s manufacturing division. Moreover, he led several domestic and international acquisitions to expand Lear Corporation’s manufacturing footprint.

Throughout his leadership positions, David Wajsgras has consistently delivered proven results. This enabled him to receive prestigious awards from government contracting bodies, including Executive Mosaic’s Wash100 awards.

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David Wajsgras: A Seven-Time Wash100 Recipient

Photo/ Executive Mosaic

David Wajsgras is a superstar in his respective field. Earning the prestigious Wash100 award year after year validates his contributions to the industry. In 2015, he received his first award and had a six-year streak until 2020.

From his time at Raytheon to his current leadership at Intelsat, Dr. Wajsgras has made a mark in the industry. In 2023, he received his seventh Wash100 award for the innovation, delivery, and facilitation of satellite communications (SATCOM). This solidified his position as an influential leader in the government contracting sector. 

David Wajsgras’ 2023 Wash100 award is his first win with Intelsat

In 2023, Dave Wajsgras received his seventh Wash100 recognition. It is his first Wash100 recognition since joining Intelsat as the Chief Executive Officer. This reflects his trailblazing leadership in the satellite communications sector, expanding into four aerospace and technology executive markets. 

“Dave is among our winningest recipients of the Wash100,” Executive Mosaic’s CEO and Wash100 Award creator Jim Garrettson said. “…the most obvious bets to make in government contracting would be Dave’s ability to leverage his significant success,” he added.

Under his innovative and excellent helm at Intelsat, Dave Wajsgras has led major transformations across technology-powered global connections. His strategy includes consolidating defense and mobility capabilities as key components for the growth of satellite communications services. This consolidation aims to improve innovation and competition by combining a range of complementary capabilities.

Moreover, Mr. Wajsgras has pioneered partnerships with other SATCOM companies, such as Maxar Technologies. This partnership supports Intelsat’s C-band spectrum transition through the launch of geostationary satellites. Ultimately, the launch solidifies the company’s continuous commitment to clients in the media. 

Dave Wajsgras’ Wash100 Awards as the President of Raytheon IIS

In 2019, David Wajsgras received his fifth consecutive Wash100 recognition. As the President of Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information, and Services, he organized contracts focusing on research and development (R&D). 

In 2020, David Wajsgras received another Wash100 award for his continued modernization efforts for federal and defense customers. His commitment to updating technology platforms was pivotal to the development of products based on “organic” R&D. These upgrades encompassed insider threat offerings that were deployed by the U.S. government.

Mr. Wajsgras’ command of Raytheon IIS achieved many significant milestones for the company. He helped secure the ten-year $300 million contract to build space platforms and flight software for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Additionally, his command secured a $511 million IDIQ to operate the Air Force’s Cobra Dane ballistic missile radar system.

Given his impressive track record, Mr. Wajsgras’ Wash100 awards in his command of Raytheon IIS were well-earned recognitions. 

About Wash100

Wash100 is a list of the most impactful executives in the government contracting industry. Established in 2014, it’s a celebration of the accomplishments, leadership, and innovation of the most recognizable individuals in the industry. 

Wash100 is founded by Executive Mosaic’s CEO and President Jim Garrettson. He has a lifelong commitment to the government contracting industry, aiming to provide news and improve networking opportunities in GovCon.

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