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Business Growth Program Opens Government Support for Comtech in Canada

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New York-based Comtech Telecommunications has announced its subsidiary’s entry into Canada’s Accelerated Growth Service program, where qualified businesses can secure financing and export assistance from the government. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada selected Comtech Canada to join the program for high-growth companies, Comtech said.

AGS also provides Comtech Canada with access to a team of government advisers on achieving growth objectives and identifying new government mechanisms to help generate business opportunities for the company.

Ken Peterman, Comtech president and CEO, said the company has been partners with Canadian government customers for over two decades.

Now working with the AGS team “will enable Comtech to deliver blended solutions and services that can usher in a new era of smart-enabled connectivity when and where it matters most,” he added.

Comtech’s business in Canada covers satellite solutions and ground systems, with the nation’s first deployment of a Next Generation 911 system among its recent activities.

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