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Canada Purchases $168.4M Worth of Saab RBS 70 NG Air Defense Systems

canadian armed forces sitting in armored vehicle

The Canadian government has placed an order for RBS 70 NG short-range air defense systems worth about $168.4 million from Swedish company Saab. 

“We are pleased to deliver our proven and efficient air defense solution RBS 70 NG, which is a critical capability for nations in the current environment,” said Micael Johansson, president and CEO of Saab. 

The RBS 70 NG is a ground-based platform capable of automatically tracking and neutralizing threats through day or night. It is also equipped with an un-jammable laser-beam guidance that promises high levels of precision. 

Canada’s purchase includes missiles, firing units, transport vehicles, training and long-term support. 

The North American nation plans to deploy the new air defense systems to its forces in Latvia. 

In December, Bill Blair, Canada’s minister of national defense, vowed to more than double the presence of the Canadian military in Latvia to strengthen security in NATO’s eastern flank. By 2026, Canada will deploy up to 2,200 servicemembers in the European nation, which borders Russia. 

According to the CBC national news service, the Canadian Army has not had a dedicated air defense system in over a dozen years.

RBS 70 NG is also used by Brazilian, Czech and Latvian militaries.

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