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Big Blue Wins $95M USAID Cybersecurity Protection and Response Contract

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The USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia has awarded a cybersecurity protection and response contract to IBM nearly $95 million, according to a Sam .gov posting.

Under the contract award dated Dec. 29, the global technology company, nicknamed Big Blue, will strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of USAID host governments’ civilian infrastructures in the region. It will address the increasing threats of cyberattacks on various government assets, such as telecommunications, energy, water, finance and health facilities.

According to its website, IBM’s cybersecurity portfolio includes the Guardium security platforms on data inscription and protection and the QRadar solution for real-time analysis of network activity.

The CPR contract also aims to provide cybersecurity workforce training in the region.

The contract award was approved under a General Services Administration schedule and procedure for a time and materials contract.

USAID has been positioning itself in a lead role in cybersecurity capacity building. In 2021, the agency formed a cybersecurity team under its digital strategy and has already crafted a cybersecurity primer for development programming.

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