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Thales Post-Quantum Cryptography Kit To Help Businesses Against Data Breaches

PQC tools

Thales has launched the PQC Starter Kit, a new solution to help businesses prepare against data breaches that are expected to emerge in the post-quantum cryptography era.

The Paris-based technology company developed the kit in partnership with quantum computing company Quantinuum.

Through the kit’s trustworthy environment, businesses can test quantum-hardened, PQC-ready encryption keys to learn quantum computing’s implications in their infrastructure’s security, Thales said.

According to Duncan Jones, Quantinuum cybersecurity head, the starter kit includes Quantum Origin technology that provides verifiable quantum randomness for maximum encryption key strength. He said it combines with hardware security modules from Thales for “a strong solution” on PQC transition.

Thales data from a cybersecurity survey white paper indicated that three out of four organizations already acknowledge that there is a quantum computing threat on traditional cryptography, more than half still lack a post-quantum strategy.

Todd Moore, global head of Data Security Products at Thales, underscored the importance of post-quantum resilience, particularly with today’s hackers’ harvest-now-decrypt-later tactics.

“For organizations unsure of navigating this transition, we highly recommend testing current applications, data and devices that use cryptographic protection as soon as possible to ensure a smooth shift to PQC,”  he said.

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