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Northrop Grumman, Mitsubishi Electric Partner to Improve Japan’s Defense Capabilities

Japan’s air and missile defense

Northrop Grumman is teaming with Mitsubishi Electric to strengthen Japan’s air and missile defense capabilities. 

The two companies entered an agreement to combine their proprietary technologies that can enhance networking efficiency to provide the East Asian nation with increased situational awareness and interoperability. 

“The Japan Ministry of Defense is accelerating integrated air and missile defense by prioritizing investments in operationally resilient systems and exploring the advantages of networking systems to facilitate fire control,” said Rebecca Torzone, vice president and general manager at Northrop Grumman.

Virginia-based Northrop Grumman, which provides technologies to U.S. and allied militaries, will contribute its integrated air and missile defense command and control capabilities to the collaboration.

The U.S. Army is currently fielding the defense contractor’s Integrated Battle Command System. The technology is critical to the military service’s modernization strategy for air and missile defense because it connects sensors and effectors that were not designed to work together.

In October, Mitsubishi Electric announced the first-ever joint development agreement between a Japanese defense contractor and a foreign government. The deal with Defence Australia combines the company’s electronic and optical systems with laser technology developed by the Defence Science and Technology Group. The resulting technology is expected to improve the survivability and surveillance capability of Australia’s military systems.

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