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US OKs Israeli Purchase of More M107 Ammunition

m107 projectile

U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken has approved an amended ammunition sale to Israel, calling for additional M107 155 mm ammunition ancillaries, which increases the estimated cost to $147.5 million from the initial $96.51 million order.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said the Department of State skipped congressional review for the added procurement after Blinken determined an emergency for an immediate sale to Israel.

Fuzes, primers and charges will be added to the initial foreign military sale, which includes 4,792 M107 155 mm artillery ammunition, 52,229 rounds of M795 155 mm artillery ammunition and 30,000 M4 propelling charges.

The proposed sale is consistent with U.S. national interest and the American commitment to Israel’s security and self-defense capability, DSCA noted. 

The agency added that Israel will use its enhanced armory to deter regional threats and beef up its territorial defenses.

The Israel deliveries will be drawn from the U.S. Army’s stock, but the supply will not adversely affect U.S. defense capability, DSCA said.

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