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Intel Partners With Taiwan Chipmaker UMC on New Foundry


Intel and semiconductor foundry UMC of Taiwan have signed a collaboration agreement to develop a 12-nanometer semiconductor process platform for high-growth applications such as mobile communication devices.

Intel said the partnership will deliver an expanded process portfolio, combining its at-scale U.S. production capacity with UMC’s mature nodes foundry experience.

The company’s Ocotillo Fabrication site in Arizona will develop and manufacture the new process node, significantly reducing upfront investment while optimizing utilization, it added.

The tie-up also provides opportunities for the companies’ cooperation on electronic design automation, as well as on securing intellectual property rights from ecosystem partners.

The company expects the long-term agreement to provide global customers with a greater sourcing choice from a more geographically diversified supply chain. The 12 nm process is expected to begin production in 2027.

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