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German Armed Forces Awards Rheinmetall $380M Puma IFV Ammunition Supply Contract

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The German armed forces has ordered $381.1 million worth of 30 mm DM21 ammunition from Rheinmetall for its Puma infantry fighting vehicle’s main armament, an MK30-2/ABM cannon designed to fire airburst rounds.

The ammo deliveries are scheduled to start from 2024 up to 2027, with follow-up orders expected. The Puma IFV’s combination of high rapid-fire capability and advanced ammunition technology is designed for ground, air and maritime battle engagements, Rheinmetall noted in its press release on the ammo contract.

The ammunition purchase follows the $1.2 billion agreement that Berlin signed with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall in May to purchase an additional 50 Puma IFVs. Vehicle deliveries to the Bundeswehr are expected to start in December 2025 and for completion in early 2027.

The Puma is planned to replace the Bundeswehr’s Marder IFV, with the German Ministry of Defense authorized to buy 179 Pumas.

Rheinmetall manufactures two main types of 30 mm x 173 service ammunition for the Puma IFV: the airburst KETF DM21 and the armor-piercing KE DM33. 

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