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Dutch Suspends Chipmaking Equipment Shipments to China; Beijing Decries US Influence

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Semiconductor company ASML has announced its compliance with the Dutch government’s suspension of its lithography systems shipments to China.

The ecport license suspension of the lithography systems, which are critical to semiconductor manufacturing, stemmed from U.S. government rules released in October restricting exports of some mid-critical system configurations for advanced production facilities.

Veldhoven-based ASML said the partial suspension impacts “a small number of customers in China” and that it does not expect the revocation and recent U.S. export curbs to affect the company’s 2023 financial projections.

Beijing has decried the move as influenced by Washington’s bullying and overreach.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters on Tuesday that the growing U.S. export curbs on the country not only impact the global supply chains and the semiconductor industry but also goes against international trade rules.

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